mr. parnell, I hope your reading this, because I have my k.t.b. assignment in my comments. Just look in.


2 Responses to “ugh…”

  1. awsomecook Says:

    King tut had a cleft palate

    His father was ahnkenetten
    Tut’s mom is unknown, but the sister of her father.
    Tut had problems with his left foot.
    18 th dynasty had rare disorders
    Tut had club foot from his grandpa and cleft palete from his dad.
    In 2005, We learned he died from a brooken foot, not murder.
    His grandfather was amenhotep III
    A desese that affects blood.
    Malareia paracite.
    Zahi hawass.

  2. Ms. P. Says:

    You have a great blog Matt!!! I love this post about King Tut. You learned a lot about the topic. Happy Blogging!

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